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AstroBeam Galaxy Light

AstroBeam Galaxy Light

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Introducing the AstroBeam Galaxy Light – your ticket to the cosmos from the comfort of home. Watch galaxies swirl, stars shimmer, and constellations come alive on your walls. With easy controls and customizable features, it's your personal journey through the universe. Illuminate your space and explore the infinite with the AstroBeam Galaxy Light.
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Compact Design

The sleek and compact design of the AstroBeam makes it easy to place in any room, whether on a bedside table, desk, or shelf, allowing you to bring the wonders of the universe wherever you go.

Multicolor Projection

Immerse yourself in a vibrant spectrum of colors as the AstroBeam casts dazzling hues of blue, green, red, and more onto your walls.

Twinkling Star Effect

Enjoy the mesmerizing twinkling star effect, adding an extra layer of realism and enchantment to your cosmic projections, creating a truly immersive experience.

Wall or Ceiling Projection

Versatile design allows you to project cosmic scenes onto both walls and ceilings, giving you the flexibility to customize your space and create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation or entertainment.